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Dr Booth - LR3 and LR4

Euro Motors and Biltmore LR Experience all together in one state! As a Rover enthusiast, I truly know how lucky and fortunate we are to have both. From four Range Rovers, one complete rebuile of a "66 Series IIA, and now two LRs that we purchased from Euro Motors, I appreciate the knowledge and professionalism that all of the staff provide.They are as authentic and the "Real Deal" as the iconic brand itself. If you are interesed in the least bit or just curious about Land Rovers, be sure to visit! I have witnessed them treat corious newcomers and experienced trail veterans with equal time and respect. Although I have a great relationship with our local dealership, I make the visit to Raleigh first on my list.

Michael Cleare - 2006 LR3

Very professional staff, outstanding service,and trustworthy! AAA+ Nothing but the best used cars.

Tibor Nemeth - 2005 LR3

We recently purchased an older LR3 from Euro Motors. Shane and Richard were very professional and answered all of my questions as I had a few concerns regarding Land Rovers. We spent the day in Raleigh test driving every Lr they had on the lot and they were very courteous.There was zero sales pressure and Shane even put the LR up on the lift and went over some details to make me feel more comfortable. We ended up purchasing a 2005 LR3 in great condition and the following week my in-laws went back and purchased a VW Jetta we test drove that day as well.

Diashecia Jennings Barry - 2012 Leuxs ES350

I traveled from Kansas City to test drive a vehicle that caught my interest online. After calling and making arrangements, I decided to take the trip. Shane picked me up from the airport which helped me tremendously. I saw that car and absolutely loved it! He was open and was willing and ready to answer any questions I had. I made the purchase and feel that the whole experience was a win/win situation. Shane and Seth are hardworking, honest and fair family men with some wonderful cars on their lot. I am a satisfied customer and highly recommend this establishment. Go Euro motors!!

Glenn Scales - BMW Z4

I've had my BMW Z4 for 16 months and remember how great Shane and the rest of the team was in supporting me with my service issue after the sale. These folks were a pleasure to work with and will definitely treat you with integrity, honesty and respect.

Celestin C. Mayele - 2008 BMW 328i

Euro Motors helps me purchase my first car which is a black BMW 3 series, the process was good and easy despite my delinquencies credit scores, still their got me with a great deal. Go there and ask for Shane, Coach, and others with their great customer care will help you get a good deal.


Mike Broughton - 2005 Land Rover LR3

I've never owned a Land Rover before. The knowledge that Euromotors staff had about the Land Rover's made me feel comfortable with my purchase. They even invited me and other customers to a camping adventure in uwharrie national park where they demonstrated exactly what these vehicles are capable of doing! To say that I was impressed, is an understatement!! I still had the temporary license plate on my vehicle going over obstacles that I could not have imagined possible! Thanks to everyone at Euromotors for giving me and my son a trip to remember for decades!!

Nate Scott

Awesome dealership, very knowledgeable and polite staff helped me everything I needed wheb i purchased my jeep. Shane went above and beyond with my test drive and everything else wity my purchase. Entire staff treated me well and had a very at ease and inviting atmosphere, I would highly recommend doing buisness with them.



Josh Andrassy

Fast approaching the 1 year anniversary on a Landrover LR3 purchased from these guys and could not be happier.

At the time, I was in a bind and had to find a vehicle quickly after my previous vehicle was totaled out. While I had some pleasant experiences at other dealerships, the guys at Euromotor were definitely the best to deal with. Very patient, informative and genuine.

At some dealerships, the sales agent often felt the need to try and convince me I wanted or at least should want whatever car I was looking at. Not at Euromotors. They let their product speak for itself and focused on sharing a good amount of their knowledge about the car and the Landrover brand - which made me feel exceptionally confident in my purchase

Dante Farrar - 2009 Range Rover

Shane & Seth, the guys at Euro Motors are excellent people to work with. They didn't have exactly what I was looking for, so they went out and found it! I know have the perfect Rover. They worked an awesome deal for me and they now have a repeat customer and will come highly recommended!!!

Dr. Matthew McKercher - 2006 LR3

Shane, Seth, and Richard are hands down the best car dealers I've ever met. They hooked me up with a sweet LR3 for an unbelievable price. If you're looking for the ultimate off road vehicle, Euro Motors is the only place to go. Friendly, courteous, and extremely helpful. Thanks

Euro Motors LLC

2407 Paula St
Raleigh, NC 27608